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Uw betrouwbare partner voor zorgadministratie en facturatie



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Infomedics is all about making lifes easier for healthcare providers and patients by handling their administrative tasks and billing processes. They understand that dealing with paperwork and financial stuff can be quite a headache, especially in the healthcare industry, so they’ve stepped in to take that burden off everyone’s shoulders.

We think along

Right from the start, we teamed up with the Infomedics to really get a grasp on what their specific requirements and obstacles were as a company specializing in healthcare administration and billing. Armed with that knowledge, we crafted a well-rounded branding approach and a super user-friendly website that showcased the company’s core values, while also providing a smooth and intuitive experience for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Creative thinking

After some energetic back-and-forth, we came up with a blend of creative strategies that beautifully captured the essence of Infomedics, while also addressing the needs of both patients and healthcare providers.

We focused on designing visuals that felt modern, approachable, and, most importantly, trustworthy.

Throughout the process, we made sure to maintain open lines of communication with the Infomedics team, ensuring their vision was fully integrated into our creative efforts. Together we built an exceptional brand identity and digital presence that not only sets them apart but also positions them as a true leader in the industry. The results were nothing short of amazing


When it came to developing a strategy and approach for Infomedics, we knew we had to nail it. First things first, we took a deep dive into understanding their target audience, the competitive landscape, and the unique challenges they faced within the healthcare administration and billing sector.

With that groundwork laid, we set out to craft a strategic plan that would guide every aspect of our work, from branding and design to messaging and digital presence. We wanted to create a cohesive experience that would not only resonate with Infomedics’ audience but also elevate their position in the industry.

Our approach was all about striking the right balance between innovation and practicality. We focused on coming up with fresh ideas that would set Infomedics apart, while also ensuring that their brand remained accessible and relatable to patients and healthcare providers alike. By keeping the end users in mind, we were able to develop a strategy that seamlessly blended creativity with real-world solutions.

Throughout the whole process, collaboration was key. We worked hand in hand with the Infomedics team, sharing ideas, refining concepts, and adjusting our plans as needed to ensure that the final outcome truly reflected their vision and goals



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Branding, Logo, E-commerce, UX/UI